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You can also have mentors that will help you become a better spouse, parent, gardener, sibling, community organizer, or spiritual leader. 38. Such joint working will help local authorities achieve a number of important objectives. 22. The experience of local authorities has shown that changes in five areas (highlighted in the table below) are required to achieve a robust system to identify children not receiving a suitable education. 9. Section 436A requires all local authorities to make arrangements to enable them to establish (so far as it is possible to do so) the identities of children residing in their area who are not receiving a suitable education. Are there arrangements to identify and provide the full range of services for children not receiving a suitable education embedded within the Children’s Trust strategic planning and commissioning arrangements. 45. In any case where there is concern for a child’s welfare this should be referred to local authority social care services through the local Children’s Trust. 6.11. Notifications could be about children who are actually receiving an education, which is being delivered by a route not known to the local authority at that time: e.g. independent schools, home education, or alternative provision. 2.11. We are pleased to note that Section 175(1) of the Education Act 2002 does not extend local authorities' functions. This paragraph would need to be re-written in order to make it clear that the manner of presentation of evidence should not prejudice the decision about whether or not an appropriate education is taking place. No results for that place. It may take about four to eight weeks duration for achieving best results. Pupils at risk of harm 43. Children may be removed from education or prevented from attending as a result or symptom of them suffering from abuse or neglect. 21. The purpose of the duty is to make sure that children not receiving, or at risk of not receiving, a suitable education are identified quickly, and effective tracking systems and support arrangements are put in place. In other words, LAs do not have the right of access to the home without their being cause for belief that a child is at risk. 15. ContactPoint, to be implemented across England by mid 2009, will help local authorities discharge the duty by recording the place where a child is being educated, where that is known. 5. Local authorities, through their Children’s Trust, must have robust measures in place both to identify quickly when a child is not receiving a suitable education, and to follow through with effective tracking and enquiry systems. This will enable local authorities to focus their efforts on identifying children who are not receiving a suitable education, and putting in place the necessary support. 3 Do you agree that the description of local authorities’ responsibilities (paragraphs 2.5-2.11) is accurate and helpful? 2 Do you agree that the description of the law (paragraphs 2.1-2.3) relating to elective home education is accurate and clear? Somewhere in paragraphs 3.4 to 3.6, it should be clarified that income, housing, race, religion, sexual orientation, profession and educational qualifications are not in themselves grounds for reasonable concerns about ability to provide a suitable education. In all circumstances where there are concerns over a child’s welfare, a referral should be made to the local authority children's social care. • Have there been any past concerns about the child associating with significantly older young people or adults? 26. The alternative provision White Paper, ‘Back on Track’, which was published in May 2008, set out plans for all children and young people moving in and out of alternative provision to have an information passport. In all circumstances where this may be the case, a referral should be made to the local authority children's social care. • Is there a good reason to believe that the child’s absence may be the result of them being the victim of a crime? • Was there a significant incident prior to the child’s unexplained absence from education provision? 40. Education and training forms a critical element of resettlement and rehabilitation for children and young people leaving custody and it is important that they are engaged in suitable provision as soon as possible on their release. 13. 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